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Hello ! Welcome to Week 2 of Time Matrix Tuesdays. We hope you’re enjoying the ride because we sure are. Let us apologize right now, this is not going to be a fabulous theory but we have a good reason for it. We are working on a huge theory for next week that will blow your minds. This theory is going to bring back an idea that went around the theory tag for a little while a couple of months back.

And that is: Is River Song the woman in the shop?

Spoilers: Yes, she is.

We know we know you have probably heard all of this before but we promise we found new evidence to prove our case.

I was re-watching The Bells of Saint John and I came across the ever popular “Woman in the Shop” scene between 11 and Clara.

The Doctor: Hello?
Clara Oswald
: Ah, hello. I can’t find the internet.
The Doctor
: Sorry?
: It’s gone. The internet. Can’t find it anywhere. Where is it?
The Doctor
: The internet?
: Yes, the internet. Why don’t I have the internet?
The Doctor
: It’s 1207!
: I’ve got half past three. Am I phoning a different time zone?
The Doctor
: Yeah, you really sort of are.
: Will it show up on the bill?
The Doctor
: Oh, I dread to think. Listen, where did you get this number?
: The woman in the shop wrote it down. It’s a help line, isn’t it? She said it’s the best help line out there. In the universe, she said.
The Doctor
: What woman? Who was she?
: I don’t know. The woman in the shop. So why isn’t there internet? Shouldn’t it just sort of… be there?’

“The best help line out there. In the universe, she said.” That bolded sentence in itself already sounds like a line River would say, but we promise that is not the height of our evidence.


In the very beginning of the episode we are shown a bunch of monks going to fetch The Doctor because “The Bells of Saint John are ringing.” We already know that the nick name “The Bells of Saint John” are referring to the TARDIS phone ringing because of the logo on the door of the TARDIS


Besides the fact that this whole episode has a ton of River parallels and references with being uploaded into databases and everything, there is one thing that thus proves the point even more. In The Angels Take Manhattan, River’s undercover name is “Melody Malone.”


I recently read a theory- (Sorry cannot remember who it’s from) – which made an interesting point about said name above. After conducting further research, I have said it to be true. The last name “Malone” means “descendant or servant of Saint John.” Wait, what? You heard me. And where have we heard “Saint John” before? WHEN THEY’RE A RINGING!

It would only make sense that the child of the TARDIS would want to serve it in every way possible, so why wouldn’t River Song want to help the Doctor along by giving his phone number to a future companion. After all River does know everything about the Doctor, birth to death, so wouldn’t she want to give the number of the TARDIS to someone who is going to ultimately save the Doctor ?


Makes sense to me.

Another fact is that River is one of the only people who knows the number to the TARDIS, it wouldn’t make sense for any other past companions to be handing it out to every customer in a shop. And as we know, River always had an agenda.

Those with the name “Melody” have a deep desire to inspire others in a higher cause. And what cause would be higher than saving the life of the infamous Doctor or maybe even something higher that involves River. Maybe you all will be finding out just exactly what I am hinting at next week for the next Time Matrix Tuesdays.

Hope you all enjoyed ! Let us know what you think; we would love to hear from you.


Erin & Izzy

I was watching The Fire of Pompeii again tonight and it occurred to me that there are certain similarities between the sisterhood of the sibylline and the weeping angels. I was just wondering if anyone else had made any other connections?

Actually I think I’ve seen theories about this. (this is one of them)

So there’s definitely the whole covering their eyes thing, but at the same time weeping angels are stone statues that come to life (not really but you get what I mean) and the sisterhood is humans that turn into stone. I’m not exactly sure how they could be connected but you never know.

Arkadia and the wolf

So I was doing some writing and looked up the Greek word for wolf I soon found this Wikipedia article:

In Greek mythology, Lycaon (/laɪˈkeɪɒn/; Greek: Λυκάων]) was a king of Arcadia, son of Pelasgus and Meliboea, who in the most popular version of the myth tested Zeus by serving him the roasted flesh of a guest from Epirus in order to see whether Zeus was truly omniscient. In return for these gruesome deeds Zeus transformed Lycaon into the form of a wolf…

Guess where the doctor got the moment at the end of the time war… Arkadia in defiance of the high council that wanted to become beings of consciousness like gods. And the connection the wolf That can’t be an accident I’m sure it doesn’t mean anything but it’s still cool.

concerning danny pink: what about his blue-red-striped tie? possible link to journey blue? she lost her brother and at the same time danny starts at clara's school. and what about clara wearing red in that episode? isn't it set in the 'real' world? or is it used to signal that something (danny) is not from this world?

Oh maybe! The blue being journey blue (because of her name obviously) and then the red being clara. And then of course there’s the fact that both of their last names are colors so there could be some kind of connection.

I’m not sure about the “real world” stuff but danny is definitely hiding some dark secrets so we’ll see!

In The Pink


Hello! So long-time followers of this blog will be well antiquated with my thing about the colour red (there’s even more here). And as I watched Into The Dalek I noticed a lot of red- but mainly around two characters- Clara (as per usual) and the new boy Danny Pink.




(Don’t you just ship them already. EEEKKK!!!)

So yeah- there a little, yet a lot of red around them. It’s subtle enough that a casual viewer won’t think anything of it, but there is so much of it that it can’t be coincidence.
Then there’s his name- Pink. And what is pink exactly? A little bit of red.

If what I say is true- and red really does symbolise the Time Lords- then what can we make of all this red hanging about Mr Pink?
Could he be a TL (even just a little bit)? Is he going to help Clara help the TLs? Or is all of this red just supposed to be around Clara- and only Clara?


Doctor Who: Death in Heaven Theory


This Post has Spoilers of the Synopsis of the Episode (which of course I now can’t find now that I need it)


Everyone’s got their theory on Missy, me? Well….I don’t exactly have a theory about her, but I’ve got a theory about the finale.

One of the snyopsises I read-the really spoiler-y ones Steven Moffat released for, I think, Radio Times-said something along the lines of this: Death isn’t the end, but Clara and the Doctor learn/discover it might be the best or something like that. Take in mind that I can’t remember the whole thing correctly, and I can’t find it.

Then, take into the account of the current Who rumor of this year: Jenna Coleman leaving at Christmas. Here’s what Peter Capaldi said about her-and also him-returning:

I’ve read she might be leaving at Christmas, but I don’t even know if she’ll get to Christmas. -Digital Spy

Then take into account what he said about him returning:

But I’m not sure where he’s going next time-if he’s around next time.-Doctor Who TV

Death in Heaven should premiere on November 8th. Not that long a wait for Christmas, eh?

Now, let’s look into ‘Paradise/Heaven/Promised Land’ whatever you want to call it. Missy is described as ‘The Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere’. River Song mentions something similiar in The Big Bang:

 ”Trapped in the nether space—the void between the worlds” -PlanetClaire

(Note A Whovian pointed this out, but that was eons ago, and I can’t remember who it was or what website!)

 ’The Void’ sounds familiar, does it not? It was the emptiness betwen parallel worlds. If you remember, the Doctor said some people call it the very opposite of ‘Heaven’ (I’m modest, I don’t use words as such..)-TARDIS Wikia

Anyway, here’s what I think. Given what they’ve said about Series 9 Returns-and the fact that Christmas is so close to the finale-I think there’s going to be a cliffhanger at the end of the season finale. 

I think that, somehow, Clara ends up trapped in Paradise. The Doctor, being the Doctor, somehow manages to get there-break into there?-to try and save her (not unlike the events of Name of the Doctor) and it’ll end with the two of them stuck there.


Given some spoiler-y set pictures I saw (that I won’t say much of here ‘cos of spoiler reasons) I don’t think their stay in Paradise will be nice. Not nice at all, and it certainly won’t be Paradise to our time-travelling duo. 

So basically, I think the season will end with the two of them trapped there, and have them somehow escape in the Christmas special. Who knows, though? 


For I have taken you away. Away from the light, and into the darkness


Hello and welcome to Time Matrix Tuesdays. This week we are focusing on a new character recently brought to Doctor Who and we think we might have cracked the particular character.

While watching Into the Dalek waiting for the Missy to scene to arrive, something kept nagging me about Missy. I didn’t know what it was until she popped on my screen and then I knew what it was - it was her choker. I remembered reading a theory that went to say that the writer thought her choker was a silhouette of Persephone. And with that one thought, my brain went haywire.


First her name, Missy. Missy comes from the Greek name Melissa, a princess in Greek mythology. It means bee - the myth comes from the nymph that fed baby Zeus honey while he was hidden from Kronos. At the death of Melissa, Zeus turned her into a honey bee for caring for him while he was a child. Melissa was the daughter Melissus of Crete, the leader of Crete, the largest island of the Greek islands. Melissus was the eldest and the leader of nine Kuretes or dancers who worshiped Rhea, Kronos’ wife and Zeus’ mother.

Let’s now quickly break the title Missy has that Moffat has teased - The Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere. Now nether means “underground” and sphere means “globe.” But Gatekeeper is where the mythology comes back into play. In the Iliad, the Hora or Horae are the guardians of the gates of Olympus. They are said to be the child of Zeus and Themis. Themis is a Titaness who stands for good order, justice, peace and of good counsel. They later became known as Hours - standing for time.

Now let’s get into Persephone a little. She’s known as the Queen of the Underworld and the wife of Hades. Her story goes that Hades was so in love with her that he stole her from Earth and brought her down to the Underworld. Demeter, her mother, went looking off of Earth and while she was gone the Earth stopped growing. Plants started to die, which is where winter came from. Finally Demeter found her daughter but Persephone had already ate the fruit of the Underworld and could not leave. Hades and Demeter came to an agreement that Persephone would spend spring, summer and the harvest with her mother and the rest of time with her husband. 

Persephone is usually pictured in art with a scepter. Her names means “to bring (or cause) death" and she’s associated with bats and the fruit of the Underworld, pomegranates. In Greek mythology, Persephone is known as a Chthonic deity. Chthonic means in Greek in, under or beneath the earth. Persephone has received euphemistically names but there is only two that matter to Missy and this post right now. Melindia or Melinona means honey and Despoina or mistress or mistress of the house.

How does this pertain to Missy, you ask? Well Missy seems to bring around the dead to “Heaven” while carrying around an umbrella. Sounds a lot like Persephone bringing about dead and being painted with a scepter. Now I’m not saying Moffat and the writers are bringing about goddesses into Doctor Who but I am saying she’s based on her and her “boyfriend” is based on Hades. Her boyfriend you may ask? The Master. 

More to come when we know more. 


  • Missy means bee in Greek
  • Gatekeeper comes from the Hora - or Hours - who where the guardians of the gates of Olympus
  • Persephone means “to bring (or cause) death”
  • Persephone’s other names Melindia and Desponia means honey and mistress.

Let us know what you guys think. We know this is a little crazy but hopefully you guys could follow along. If you have any questions or comments, leave them here and we will answer as soon as we can. We hope you guys enjoy Time Matrix Tuesdays & we can’t wait to take this journey with you.

Goodbye Sweeties,

Izzy & Erin

Something I’ve Noticed About the 12th Doctor

My first ever post, and it’s about Who! After watching Deep Breath, I couldn’t help but feel a little confused about the 12th Doctor and his memories. In the episode Capaldi’s incarnation remembers the phone call and conversation he had with Clara on Trenzalore as 11, he also mentions Amy, and remembers the scarf he wore as the Fourth Doctor. Yet he couldn’t piece much together about the Clockwork Droids or Madame De Pompadour.


However he did recognise his new face, though again he couldn’t pinpoint where from.


Of course Capaldi appeared in The Fires of Pompeii as Caecilius, which is probably what he was referencing when he said that he recognises his new face. The Fires of Pompeii, and the Madame De Pompadour episodes of Doctor Who are both episodes which occur during the Tenth Doctor’s tenure.


I think an explanation for this is that, assuming the Doctor took on the appearance of Caecilius from The Fires of Pompeii, his memories of that event, and of other events encountered by the Tenth Doctor have been clouded as a result, for some reason preventing him from having clear memories of his experiences as the Tenth Doctor. This means that the Doctor can’t remember where he gets his face from. Something which is possibly foreshadowed in the Episode, when the Doctor says this to the Droid, before holding up the plate to show him his reflection. Anyway just thought I’d post this initial idea. I’ll see if through the rest of the series the Doctor continues to struggle to memorise events which occurred during the Tenth Doctor’s reign.

Time Travel from ‘basically another dimension’

The TARDIS is dimensionally transcendental, it exists as a separate or pocket dimension to our own. The exterior is simply an anchor.

I propose, the TARDIS exists only as the interior and the exterior is a facade it can deploy as an anchor, the materialization and dematerialization processes are the exterior being moved into and out of existence as needed. (From here on out, the term TARDIS will refer to the interior, not the exterior anchor.)The time-space traveling ability comes from the TARDIS being able to deploy its anchor at any place it wants in our continuum, anywhere and anywhen, not a word but it fits. The time vortex is perhaps a separate dimension the interiors of TARDIS’s exist in as material objects, or pocket dimensions. To access another dimension, the Doctor would need to move his TARDIS to another time vortex, these tunnels used to exist and form a vast network, but now he most go across the void through holes in the vortex. The ‘ride’ that occurs when traveling comes from the TARDIS moving through the time vortex to reach a position where it was in range to deploy an anchor disguised by the chamelion circuit.

The end of the Doctor theory, DISPROVED

The new theory about it being the last two series is quite wrong.        

A. When the Doctor got more regeneration energy he got a new life cycle.

B. Doctor Who is becoming extremely popular around the world, no way would they end it now.

C. Capaldi is the 13th doctor, you have to take into account the War Doctor and the 10.5th Doctor.