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Someone said about the red setting and how they think that 12 made it. The red setting is a version that keeps it masked from MrMoon to let river Use her sonic. The last time the docter sees her is as the 11th doctor. He creates the red setting and gives her the sonic. 12 never meets river.


In Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, Clara finds the Doctor’s name in a book about the Time War. I always thought that was incredibly stupid, because she just opens a book about this super secret war and finds his name randomly, right? Stupid.
But no. She finds the History of the Time War book in the TARDIS library, and says that she reads the Doctor’s name “in one corner of that tiny..”. The Doctor’s name isn’t just mentioned randomly - he wrote the book. The Doctor is the author of the book, who else would know about the history of the Time War. And where do authors usually credit themselves?
On the corners of pages.

So I was watching silence in the library and forest of the dead last night, and while thinking of the sonic that river had, she says the use the red setting, and 10 replies that there isn't a red setting, now I'm thinking that 11 didn't give river that screw driver before she went to the library I think it was 12 (capaldis first released photo shows the little bits of red) just wondering what you think about it?

I think I agree with you. The first time we see the screwdriver with the red setting is in Cold War. After that episode the next episode we see River in is The Name of the Doctor, and I don’t think he actually used the setting after that episode anyway. So I agree with you

Hi! So, in S5 Ep 2 The Queen talks about how the sun turned on them, and burnt up, and the children on earth cried, and starwhale. But in S2 Ep 2, 9 says that everyone on Earth has been vacated. So, could the future have been changed by 9 and Rose?

I think the future nine is talking about is one that’s a lot further into the future than the queen is. And nine and rose couldn’t have really done anything that drastic that could have changed the future anyway.

Hi! Have you ever considered that the drumbeat The Master heard is also basically the beat to the theme song as well? Perhaps Master was becoming self aware? That would be enough to drive anybody mad. Maybe not, I'm just theorizing

I guess it could be but I think that’s a bit far fetched

"Never Trust A Nun To Do A Doctor’s Work!"


Hello everyone and welcome to Theory Thursday! It’s a beautiful day today and I have a great urge to ditch my blog and go sunbathing. But hey, I promised a theory every Thursday, so you’re getting a theory every Thursday!

Today, I want to talk about the 50th anniversary again. More specifically, about a little hint that Moffat gave us. Remember that quote from The Time Of The Doctor:


Doctor: Never trust a nun to do a doctor’s work!

Did we all understand that reference? It was of course, a wave towards these guys:


The Sisters Of Plentitude: Very creepy cats who are nuns who are also doctors (sort of).

We meet them once in the episode New Earth, where they are running a thriving, albeit morally questionable hospital, and then we meet Novice Hame once more in Gridlock. And this is the episode I want to talk about today.


Because, as it turns out, Gridlock is a pretty solid parallel to the 50th anniversary: A whole society who is thought lost and left to die, but, as it turns out, had been locked away for their own protection by a very old warrior (The Face Of Boe, a very old Captain Jack). And only when the Doctor and the old warrior meet does the Doctor realise he can bring all those people back.

How fitting, that it is this episode where the Doctor talks about Gallifrey properly for the first time in New Who. How fitting, that it is this episode, in which the Face Of Boe tells the Doctor you are not alone.

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Did it ever get explained why Sally Sparrow's friend Katherine "Katy" Costelo Nightingale has the same surname as torchwood employee Suzi Costelo?

Wow hmm I never actually made that connection before!

I looked at the Tardis Data Core for both of them (Kathy and Suzie) and there doesn’t seem to be any relation. It also seems that Costello is Kathy’s middle name, not surname. There’s also not much information known about either of them, especially Suzie. I’d say it was a coincidence but of course I could be wrong.


So here is my theory on the upcoming Capaldi era, now this is pure ramblings, so if it does not make sense I am sorry. So as we all know, the twelfth doctor is going to realize that there is a lot of people who look like him and this will set up the mystery for the year. Now I think I have a kind of idea as to why they will look like him, actually three ideas. So here we go:

A) In a timey whimey style, it will be revealed that it was the Doctor who created the look a likes because he could not find Gallifrey, he needed help and he needed to cover some ground. So he made look a likes, inspired by Clara, and sent them out as a large rescue mission. This is the most unlikely.

B) What if it is like a bread trial similar to Hansel and Gretel. Moffat’s writing is fairytale themed a lot of the time so Hansel and Gretel’s bread trial might not be far off. It is all set up by either the Master or the Galiffrey War Counsel, a mystery the Doctor cannot refuse and follows to Gallifrey. More than likely the Master, he knows the Doctor well and he knows that the Doctor would be tempted to investigate.

C) The Doctor had a very violent regeneration, I mean it blew an entire village and Dalek ship to dust, is it not possible, he blew time apart as well. Ripping his new regeneration across time and space, his face imprinted every where, different aspects, Doctor the politician, Doctor the Roman or the Healer (not sure what he would be) but different sides of the Doctor, scattered across all over the place. You know where I am going with this, one of those sides could very well become the Valeyard!

So thats what I have to offer, hope you enjoy :)

Once Upon A Time…


Hello and welcome to Theory Thursday! Before we start: Do you remember when I argued that River is Susan’s grandmother? In order for today’s theory to work, you are going to have to treat that as canon for the duration of this post. But it’s going to be worth it! Okay? Are you ready?

Then let me tell you the story of Little Red Cap.


There once was a girl who was loved by everyone and who wore lots of red clothes. Her mother loved her very much. She made her promise not to get lost, before she sent her to visit the Grandmother who lived out in the forest.


Just as Little Red Cap entered the woods…


… a wolf met her.


Okay, let’s stop here for a bit. I am not the first one to make the connection between Clara and Little Red Cap (sorry, I don’t remember who brought it up). But I think I am the first one to bring the grandmother into the mix. I am not necessarily saying that River is Clara’s grandmother - just a grandmother (the grandmother).

What is more, I have recently posted a theory about how River is being possessed by either the Bad Wolf (whatever it is), Omega, or both.

Now lets continue with our fairytale:

The bad wolf decided to distract Little Red Cap, and then run ahead to the grandmother’s home. When she let him in, he devoured the poor old woman, and disguised himself as her.


"But Grandmother, what a terribly big chin mouth you have!” said a startled Little Red Cap, when she finally reached the house. “The better to eat you with,” said the Big Wolf and swallowed the child, too.

But while the Bad Wolf was sleeping, a hunter came along, cut the wolf’s belly open and rescued both Red Cap and grandmother.

The End.

What I am saying is this: Doctor Who is basically a modern reinterpretation of Little Red Cap. I am also saying that someone is indeed going to possess River or disguise as her in order to play some tricks on people. And finally, I am saying that some “hunter”, whoever that is, rescues her and Clara from that monster (my money’s on the Doctor).

I keep telling you guys River was planned from the start. Like, from day one of RTD’s era. Here is how it went in my head: The whole team sat down. They discussed what stories about the Doctor hadn’t been told, what open questions remained. They must have talked about Susan’s grandmother. They did some brainstorming on “grandmother” and came up with Little Red Cap. They decided to go for it, but to start with the bad wolf.

We basically have the Bad Wolf arc starting in Nine’s era, the grandmother starting in Ten’s, and Little Red Cap in Eleven’s. Because it’s all timey-wimey and they can tell the story backwards if they want to.

Now let’s hear it: Who of you believes me?

The Writing’s On The Wall - Another Take On Danny


Hello everyone and welcome to Theory Thursday! I am pretty sick today so this theory is gonna be a short one. But I thought we should have yet another look at that newly announced Danny character.


(image source

I read up on the name (Daniel) a bit. Moffat never gives a name without reason. Every single name tells its own story. Remember how  Clara’s name tells us that she is likely to destroy the TARDIS? Seriously, analysing names in Moffat’s era would fill a blog on its own. It is incredible.

So, introducing Daniel…
[…] when Daniel was a young man, he was taken into Babylonian captivity where he was educated in Chaldean thought. However, he never converted to Neo-Babylonian ways. Through divine wisdom from his God, Yahweh, he interpreted dreams and visions of kings […]. Eventually, he had apocalyptic visions […]. Some of the most famous accounts of Daniel are: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, The writing on the wall and Daniel in the lions’ den. (Wikipedia)

Have you figured out what I’m going to say next? There is a lot of Silence in the above paragraph. Do you see it? A child, taken into captivity but never quite converting to the beliefs of his captors. Apocalyptic visions. Writing on the wall.


It’s a lot of Silence. I have no idea how to puzzle the pieces together, but I’m sorry, this Danny guy has something to do with the Silence.

There are more things that I won’t  talk about today - the interpreter of bad dreams, a disembodied hand, the writing on the wall again - it’s all very interesting! (But I need to lie down now.) Read the wiki page, catch up on your bible studies and let me know your ideas!