Doctor Who Theories
I have a Regeneration theory:


Whatever emotion the Doctor represses during one of his regeneration, the next regeneration will have in excess.

For example:

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And Then I Suddenly Understood The Weeping Angels (Gallifrey Is Alive, Part 3)



Hey hey hey  it’s still Theory Thursday! Yes, two theories in one day, but I just couldn’t wait to write this one, I love it so much!

I want to talk to you about the Weeping Angels. There are hardly ever any theories about them, and I guess that is because they don’t really scream enigma. The Doctor doesn’t ask questions about them and so we don’t, either. There’s a slight puzzle as to where they came from, but other than that, they are well-rounded monsters with little left unexplained.  Or so I thought…

Digging a little deeper, I can show you how the Weeping Angels were planned from day one (literally) and how they have absolutely everything to do with the return of Gallifrey.

And this might just be my favourite Moffat thing, ever.

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Gallifrey Is Alive, Part 2 - A Who Is Who On Prisoners


Over the last few months, both theories-for-who and I have argued that someone is imprisoned within or near the Doctor. You can read my main post about it here, but I find myself coming back to this theory in almost every post I make.


However, there are just as many hints saying that said prisoner is imprisoned within a planet, which made me think of the Timelords in their pocket universe, and had me confused quite a bit.


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Gallifrey Is Alive Series, Part 1


Hello everyone and welcome to a very exciting Theory Thursday!

This week, I realised something big. So big, in fact, that I am making a new blog series out of this. Be warned, it may sound a little dull at first, but it connects all kinds of dots and certainly blew my mind. For instance: why the Weeping Angels really wanted to steal the TARDIS and what the Doctor’s name has to do with it.

But first for the big epiphany. Are you ready? Here it is:

Gallifrey is alive. Literally. The actual planet is a living, breathing, conscious thing.

Yes, this sounds weird and pretty random. How would this even affect anything? Why would the writers want to do that? There have never been any hints in that direction… Oh, but there have.

For instance:

1) House, the not so friendly planet from The Doctor’s Wife. A planet in a pocket universe. A planet in a pocket universe, calling out into ours. I’d say that is a pretty solid Gallifrey metaphor. House is a living, talking, armpit-smelling thing. And so, I argue, is Gallifrey (minus the armpits)


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The Woman In The Shop


We’ve all been assuming that the “Woman In The Shop” mentioned in The Bells of Saint John was Rose, or somehow connected to Amy. However, at least in Rose’s case, she never knew the Doctor when she was working at that shop, only after. Plus Moffat has said that he doesn’t want to mess with her story so it’s unlikely that she’s come back from Pete’s World.

So, what if the Woman isn’t a past companion, but a future one?

Peter Capaldi wouldn’t of died in Pompeii if the doctor left him there
  • the doctor (12) could of used the chameleon arch to convert himself into a human and send himself to Pompeii  few years before volcano day and lived a life trying to stop the sister hood and the pyroville, that would explain why he is randomly attracted to the blue box he finds on a street corner, when he says to the doctor and Donna that they look alike when they say there related, this could be the tiny bit of timelord left in him mocking a past version of himself. 
if galifrey is has been captured like a painting why can't the doctor go back in the and look at the stars lock the coordinates and go to it?

(Sorry for the late response) I’m not really sure what you mean. Do you mean to say go back in time and lock into the coordinates of where Galifrey was? I’m not really sure but I don’t think that it’s that simple.


Someone said about the red setting and how they think that 12 made it. The red setting is a version that keeps it masked from MrMoon to let river Use her sonic. The last time the docter sees her is as the 11th doctor. He creates the red setting and gives her the sonic. 12 never meets river.


In Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, Clara finds the Doctor’s name in a book about the Time War. I always thought that was incredibly stupid, because she just opens a book about this super secret war and finds his name randomly, right? Stupid.
But no. She finds the History of the Time War book in the TARDIS library, and says that she reads the Doctor’s name “in one corner of that tiny..”. The Doctor’s name isn’t just mentioned randomly - he wrote the book. The Doctor is the author of the book, who else would know about the history of the Time War. And where do authors usually credit themselves?
On the corners of pages.

So I was watching silence in the library and forest of the dead last night, and while thinking of the sonic that river had, she says the use the red setting, and 10 replies that there isn't a red setting, now I'm thinking that 11 didn't give river that screw driver before she went to the library I think it was 12 (capaldis first released photo shows the little bits of red) just wondering what you think about it?

I think I agree with you. The first time we see the screwdriver with the red setting is in Cold War. After that episode the next episode we see River in is The Name of the Doctor, and I don’t think he actually used the setting after that episode anyway. So I agree with you